Tuesday, April 26, 2011

See Ya Later

So this will be my last post for the next year and a half but my sister Caroline will be starting up a mission blog for me so you can check that out. As for this post I don't have much to say other than I am so excited and I LOVE MY FAMILY SO MUCH!!!
So here is a bunch of pictures from visiting Luke's family and my travels to and through UT.

We went and visited Uncle Mace.

This are my beautiful parents at the Easter pagent at the Mesa temple.

This is the day before Easter and we were dying eggs.

These were my two favorite eggs that I did.

William enjoying some chream cheese frosting. Also I'm not sure how to flip these pictures.

Easter after church.

Right before our egg hunt.

This morning at Nate's.

This evening at Shay's house for Kale's surprise birthday party. We played put the head on the Lego Guy, I won.

And this is all the cousin's except Shay who is taking the picture.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Around the Farm and My Farewell

Well a couple weeks ago the Kurt and Amy family came to visit the farm. We took the little kids to check out the chickens and the calves. I think they really enjoyed themselves, I know I did.
This is Alaina letting a chicken go because it was moving to much.

Maddox showing us what he thinks about the chickens.

Alaina didn't mind holding this little hen.

Emmitt handled the chickens like a natural.

The following pictures are some of pictures that I took over the last 6 months with my nice camera. They just everyday things around the farm.

This is an Allen humming bird they are only around our house for a short time because they migrate somewhere. This guy was one of the firsts to come around, we weren't even ready for him. Poor guy, our feeder was empty, not to mention it was snowing.

This daffodil is part of the first successful batch at Shillig farms.

This is Elli at her softball game. Elli's little friend took pictures for me because I was doing the stats book. This was the best of the two.

These are just some of the people that were at my farewell. I am so blessed to have so much support. Thank you everyone.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Cows and Gifts

So I finally took some pictures of the calves and this first one is of Monica. She is the smaller of the two girls even though they are the same age. She has been sick this last week so I hope she pulls through.

This is Rachel and she is the most giddy cow I have ever met she is the most vocal of them all. It is fun to watch her because she loves to run and jump.

This is Angus and he is pretty chill and has the softest fur. He is smart enough to feed from this little bottle holder which makes things a lot easier when your the only one feeding the cows.
AND THIS IS CHANDLER! He was found and returned to us yesterday. We are all so happy to see him and are so grateful he is alive. He was missing in the wilderness for 11 days. It is nothing short of a miracle that he is still alive.

Last week I received a package form Sarah Howe with these beautiful towels that Aunt Stacey bought and had Sarah embroider my name (Hermana Shillig) on them. So thank you Stacey and Sarah.

Sarah told me about the towels so I was expecting them but she surprised me with this beautiful quilt. I love this quilt so much and I love that it says my full name. Thanks again Sarah.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

A Crazy Week

To start off this was the first calf we got her name was Phoebe ( a jersey), she didn't make it. But we have since got four other calves. We got two jersey holstein cross heifers (Rachel and Monica), a holstein bull (Chanandaler or Chandler) and a black angus bull that were going to sell to our neighbor (Angus).

We had some really nice weather the other day so I thought I'd take advantage of it and do some gardening. It's still to early to plant (here) but this is the perfect time to get your soil ready. So I rotortilled 8 beds.

Last Sunday we woke up to about six inches of snow/ a blizzard and we needed to feed the calves so we got ready and this was us right before.
Unfortunately Chandler got out and Isaac and I chased him all over Lockwood for about two hours in the blizzard. We started to get cold and wet so we came home empty handed and haven't seen a trace of him since.
This was the back door as we were heading out to the cows.

When Isaac and I came home the power was out and therefor no water. It wasn't long before we lost the phones from our house we could see at least 8 poles that either were falling down or had cables that were down. So we spent Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday with out power, phones and water. We didn't get power till Wednesday morning but that was a lot sooner than I expected because there was so much damage around the town. We spent all of Sunday and Monday playing Rook pretty much and taking care of the cows. Mother did a wonderful job at keeping us all fed and this was her outfit one day because it was so cold.
This was Monday morning. It as a beautiful day, so we went out around the house and surveyed the damage. We had several trees with broken branches.

Tuesday was arts and crafts day so we made lip balm with Elli's kit that she got for her b-day. Only we added our own twist and used essential for the flavoring. We also were able to go to the temple with Kurt and Amy.
As a result of the crazy weather that came in waves the kids had a two hour delay on Thursday and no school for the rest. I have to say though, the issues we ran into made things a little hard but very interesting. I am glad we had this experience because it brought on a lot of chances for learning.

Friday, March 11, 2011

I've got the time and the internet

So I'm here at the high school waiting for dad because were are going to go pick up some calves today. I can't wait, I love when we get baby cows. Anyway since I had a little time I thought I should take advantage of the internet and post the latest pictures I've taken. But before I do that I'll give you a little update.
Well to start off the other day Mom took the car in to the dealership to get some work done. As a result we got a rental car. Fortunately someone was using there brain and we made the up grade to truck. So yesterday Dad, Elli, and I took three loads to the dump and a load to the local thrift store. It felt so good to throw away just some of the junk around the house. Also it has been about 60 degrees for the last couple of days so I just can't help myself I have to go outside. This morning I ate my breakfast while sitting on the edge of the fish pond. The chickens have been out in the yard so they all came over and hung out with me while I ate. It was such perfect morning. It's this time of year that reminds why I love Frazier Park.
The other night Isaac came home from a baseball game and asked me to drive him around so he could go rabbit hunting. Apparently he saw three driving in. We didn't get any though, they must have been scared away. But this was his amazing outfit.

This is just a cute picture of Maddox wearing Isaac's hat. I love this picture because he looks so gangsta in this little pose he did himself.

A couple weeks ago the Shillig3's came over and played the kinect. It was a really fun night and I think everyone really enjoyed playing. This Emmitt playing, which is really funny to watch, but I also liked watching Maddox in the background. Just kidding it's taking to long I'll have to try again later.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Mission Prep

Even though I have a lot to catch up on this is just going to be a quick update.

This was Elli's birthday party that was held at curves. A bunch of her little friends came, Amy showed us some cool dance moves, and we played a bunch a of games. Note don't play mafia with a bunch of 11 and 12 year old girls. It's like playing with a bunch of gold fish with memory spans of like 30 seconds.

Elli's friends used her presents to do her hair. They should look in to becoming hair dressers.

This is Dad, Mom, and me right before going through the temple on February 18, 2011. I am wearing one of my missionary outfits except for my shoes. On my mission I wear a pair of loafers.

Afterwards we went and ate at this little burger place that Kurt and Amy recommended called Habit. This is almost all the girls that went to the temple with me Geri Klenk (use to be Howe) was also there.

Of course my sweet sister Larkie was able to be there. She came with Carol and the kids from Utah. It was so nice having them home.

I was so fortunate to have some brother representation there. It's hard because everyone is all over the country now. So It was nice having Kurt and of course Dad there. Thank you to everyone who was able to be there for coming it really was a wonderful day.

This is Atticus joining grandpa in a little Xbox time, during the weekend visit from Larkie and Carol. Thank you so much for making the effort to come down guys it really was a special treat for me.

This was the Sunday after I went to the temple. I liked the way I looked so I told Elli to take a picture of me and I decided that this is my official missionary picture.